Now available in Spanish: Circular Plastics brochure and 3D plastics video

May 31, 2022

Thanks to the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Costa Rica and the Holland House Colombia (Chamber of Commerce), the online Spanish translations of ‘A circular economy for plastics: Let’s turn challenges into opportunities’ brochure and our 3D video on circular plastics’ are now available.

The Circular Economy plastics brochure, Holland Circular Hotspot and TNO bring their insights to the international level and share best practices hoping to inspire everyone worldwide to take action on circular development. The book outlines critical solutions such as energy-efficient bubbles, solar-powered interceptors, new business and design models, smart collection solutions, high-tech and fully automated sorting practices and chemical recycling technologies.

Download the plastics brochure in Spanish, here


Virtual Gateway Experience on Dutch circular plastics

The Virtual Reality production ‘Circular plastics’ is an interactive video explaining global solutions throughout several stages of the plastics value chain. Five Dutch showcases are presented to describe how collaborative work can close the loop in plastics. It shows that a circular economy for plastics today can happen worldwide and solutions exist for every part of the value chain. The Virtual Reality film was created for interested parties to step into the world of circular plastics as if they were really there. This version can only be watched with special VR glasses. The 3D version is available to watch on your own device.

Get inspired by the dutch showcases in the video: The Great Bubble BarrierModuloSweepSmartBollegraaf, and Greentom.

The production was realized in collaboration with NLinBusiness and is part of a series of Virtual Reality videos on Dutch showcases in specific sectors. More information can be found at: