Virtual Gateway Experience on Dutch circular plastics

January 31, 2022

During the European Circular Days at Dubai Expo 2020, NLinBusiness presented the Virtual Gateway NL on plastics for the first time at the Dutch Pavilion; our joint Virtual Reality production with Holland Circular Hotspot encouraged closing the plastics loop.

This Virtual Reality (VR) production on circular plastics is an interactive video that explains the global solutions in several stages of the plastics value chain. Five Dutch practices are presented to describe how collaborative work can close the loop in plastics. This is an opportunity to bring in a new experience at the Dutch integrated solutions for global challenges. We see opportunities to build a more resilient and regenerative economy in sharing best practices. With the help of this VR clip, we want to inspire efforts towards restoring the environment.



Is it possible to rethink how we design, use, and reuse plastics to create a circular economy for plastic?

Transforming the plastic system to be more sustainable is one of the main challenges that we are facing today. However, the current global plastics supply chains are far from circular. We are faced with an immense volume of discarded plastic and marine litter jeopardizing and overshooting our planetary boundaries. Of all the plastic produced since 1950, only 1,7 percent has been effectively recycled (plastic which has been reintegrated back into production). 

One way to turn this around is through a Circular Economy for the Plastic Value Chain. Circular strategies have proven their potential to create climate-friendly solutions for the plastic industry. Each of them solves various value chain steps and reduces the carbon footprint. Now it is time to change and improve the plastics value chain.

The Virtual Gateway NL film informs, urges, and raises awareness about the opportunities of a circular agenda on plastics in the Netherlands and worldwide. It also seeks to mobilize all involved stakeholders (public, private, knowledge industries, and even consumers) to take action while visualizing best practices currently taking place. It shows that a CE for plastics today can happen in every corner of the world and every part of the value chain.

Get inspired by the dutch showcases in the video: The Great Bubble Barrier, Modulo, SweepSmart, Bollegraaf, and Greentom.

Try this new experience to be part of this systemic change!

This Virtual Gateway NL film is an inspiring showcase of Dutch integrated solutions for global challenges. People can access the platform using VR Headsets, cardboard VR devices, and online. Go to the Virtual Gateway NL platform for additional information and connect to the companies involved.