New spotlight country page: Germany

October 02, 2020

Germany shows interesting characteristics for doing business with in the field of circular economy. With its GDP ranking 4th in the world, a geographically favorable location and having ambitious circular economy and waste management goals, German-Dutch collaboration is not unlikely.

Thinking about doing business in Germany? On theĀ spotlight country page for Germany you will find information on policy landscape, circular economy strategy and selected priority areas!

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Webinar Chemical Recycling: Market trends and NRW-Dutch cross-border opportunities

Germany shows four priority areas when it comes to circular economy opportunities and need: plastics & chemical recycling, textiles, the automotive industry and windfarms.

On the 7th of October, the webinar ‘Chemical Recycling: Market trends and NRW-Dutch cross-border opportunities’ will take place to shed light on the latest developments and innovations in regard to chemical recycling and how cross-border collaboration can foster growth towards a circular plastic sector. Special attention will be paid to the collaboration between the German and Dutch chemical sector to enhance sustainability and establish global market opportunities.

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