Team NL Tokyo Expo: Webinar Circularity in Plastics

Online | 24th of June 2021

Discover best practices for collaboration between Japan and the Netherlands to scale up circular solutions in the plastics value chain!

In this webinar we aim to showcase the Dutch and Japanese best practices and the possibilities for collaboration between Japan and the Netherlands to scale up solutions in the plastics value chain, by designing products in a different way, by producing them differently and how to sort and recycle. We need support in legislation from governments on national and international level but also leadership from the Dutch and Japanese industry.

Time: 9.30 – 10.45 A.m. CET

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Opportunities for Dutch-Japanese collaboration

Plastics are strong, light, flexible, easy to use. But we know about its disadvantages. We are still landfilling or incinerating more than 90% globally. Way too much plastic is ending up on our streets, in our rivers and in our oceans. It’s time to change the game. To start treating plastic as the valuable raw material it is. 

Japan is world renowned for its approach to waste management & recycling; with one of the world’s highest rates of recycling plastic bottles (85%, compared to Europe’s 41%). Japan also has a very high incineration rate of municipal waste of over 70 percent with for example 19  incineration plants in the central part of Tokyo alone. With limited landfill availability; there is a great opportunity for both Mechanical and Chemical Recycling. 


Introduction in the supply chain and opportunities for new innovations/materials
Pieter ImhofTNO

Reuse and refill opportunities: best practices
Thor TummersUnilever and a DSM representative

Innovations and new solutions in the ‘chain’ to close the loop
Josse Kunst, CuRe and representatives from TerraCycle/Loop and Myizu

Enabling programmes and the role of the Dutch government
Arnoud PassenierMinisterie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat

Moderation and panel discussion
– Ruben Dubelaar, Holland Circular Hotspot & Sann Carrière, SoNow

A series of circular events!

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An overview of the most important information for circular business in Japan